Tallships Online - on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada Tallships Online - on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada

Tallships provides Support to our Clients by telephone, e-mail and through this site. You can access tools and read FAQs and Articles, where you can find the answers to many of your questions.

Our various support articles cover a wide variety of topics with step-by-step instructions. If there is something you need to do, check here!


This section is intended to provide our customers with a quick point of reference on common computer/Internet topics. Check here to see if your question is answered...


Working with your Tallships account is becoming easier all the time! These web-based tools allow you to perform tasks such as checking your Tallships e-mail and time usage. You will also find links to some of the more popular search engines here.


Tallships owns and operates this download site to keep our customers fairly up-to-date on new software. You may go here to download things such browser updates, e-mail programs, etc.



Tallships Online - on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada


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