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    Custom made cruising sails
    Sail repairs
    Boat cushions and accessories
    Tarpaulins and boat covers
    Profurl™ Furling Systems

4th Generation Sailmaker
Makers of Mainsail for Famous Bluenose II





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If you are looking for that special something for a special someone why not purchase a Gift Certificate?

Michele Stevens Sailloft Ltd. is not just all about sails! How about a customized dodger or bimini to protect you from the sun, rain and of course, the fog? Sail covers make a nice gift, especially when personalized with the name of your boat.

    We also specialize in custom items such as: (see photos)

  • Hot Tub Covers
  • Tool Pouch: 24” x 12” Tools not included.
  • Duffle Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Chart Bags
  • Sheet Bags
  • Sail ties
  • Turnbuckle Covers
  • Compass Covers
  • Wheel Covers
  • In fact we can cover just about anything including small planes!
  • Interior & cockpit cushions
  • “Step Upons “ or “Paw Upons” (for your four legged crew) to keep your cockpit cushions clean.
  • Sail bags
  • Sail repair Kits
  • Canvas Wood Carriers
  • And more….

    Check out this website for more information on the Loft and our products including PROFURL Furling units for head sails as well as in–boom furling systems.

    If you would like more information about any of our products we would be pleased to answer any of your questions.

Michele Stevens Sailloft is pleased to present a NEW line of products!
All carefully crafted from quality materials by the expert hands of the crew of the Sailloft!

Depending on your requirements, we are experienced in custom work of all kinds including

    Emergency Spill Kits,
    Sauerkraut and fish cutting aprons
    Cockpit and interior cushions

Covers for:

    Small planes
    Hot tubs
    Air conditioner covers
    Outboard engines
    Wheels & binnacles
    Winter and mooring covers

To inquire about any of these items, or to place an order, please contact the Sailloft at 902-634-9338 or by email.

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Hot Tub Covers






Tool Pouch 24” by 12” (tools not included)





Chart Bags - Michele Stevens Sailloft

Chart Bags (Charts not included)

Our chart bags are constructed from Oxford fabric which is available in a variety of colours with a water repellant protective finish. They can be constructed in any size according to your specifications and supplied with either a zipper or Velcro closing.


Chart Bags (charts not included) - Michele Stevens Sailloft



Duffle and Tote Bags - Michele Stevens Sailloft

Duffle and Tote Bags

Sunbrella is the fabric of choice for our duffle and tote bags. Available in a wide range of colours, this fabric is also water resistant and UV protected. These bags are usually made in just one size but can be custom ordered to suit your needs.

Tote Bags: Approximately. 16”wide x 13”deep with webbing handles and front pocket.

Duffle Bags: Approximately 23”long x 16”deep Rounded ends. Available with webbing handles or shoulder strap. Zipper closure and front pocket.


Duffle Bag - Michele Stevens Sailloft



Duffle Bags- Michele Stevens Sailloft



Sheet Storage Bag - Michele Stevens Sailloft

Sheet Storage Bag

Our sheet bags are fabricated from patio mesh and approximately 19”long x 10”deep. They are constructed to attach to your boat using turn fasteners and the top closes easily with two snaps.



Step-Upon - Michele Stevens Sailloft

Made of soft vinyl ,the Step Upon is designed to keep cockpit cushions free of foot prints as you hop in and out of your boat. If required we can also construct a ‘Paw Upon’ for your four legged crew members!



Along with our marine related custom items our crew is also well versed in the construction of salvage tarps and covers for rescue boats, trucks, trailers and other apparatus. We work with fabrics that are fire, water and UV resistant suitable for many applications.



Flags - Michele Stevens Sailloft




Sauerkraut Cutting Apron - Michele Stevens Sailloft

Sauerkraut Cutting Apron



Emergency Spill Kits- Michele Stevens Sailloft

Emergency Spill Kits



Vinyl Hose Bed Cover - Michele Stevens Sailloft

Vinyl Hose Bed Cover
(top view)



Vinyl Hose Bed Cover - Michele Stevens Sailloft

(back view)



Vinyl Hose Bed Cover - Michele Stevens Sailloft

(side view)


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4th Generation Sailmaker
Makers of Mainsail for Famous Bluenose II


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